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Washington Times

Because Baseball All-stars, games can unite people

Baseball has a history of bringing people together. Nearly a century ago, different ethnic neighborhoods in certain U.S. metropolitan cities had huge animosity toward one and other, except on game day. Baseball bridged the divide.


Almasry alyoum

More exciting press for our Cairo Youth Spring Training and Exhibition - feature article in @AlMasryAlYoum print edition.



The Morning Show with Mark and Sally

On today's morning Show, Kemp Gouldin, founder of Because Baseball, shared with Mark & Sally all the fun activities his initiative has been grounding in Egypt, and what it has to add to the Egyptian community.

Huffington Post

Bringing Baseball to the Land of the Pharaohs

When Kemp Gouldin told his Egyptian friends that he was planning an initiative to bring Baseball to Egypt, they all laughed thinking their American friend was kidding, not only because they thought the logistics would make the mission impossible but also because most Egyptians do not know what the hell Baseball is.

But to their surprise, this determined Sales and Marketing Executive from Washington DC did it and initiative “Because Baseball” was born.

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Right This Minute

Baseball is a sport that can transcend countries, languages, and culture. Because of that fact, Kemp Gouldin created "Because Baseball," the first Egyptian Youth Baseball League. The children have not only never played the game before, they never even touched a baseball. The kids are loving the game and this introduction to American culture. Mr. Gouldin joins our RightThisMinute hosts via Skype to talk more about this amazing program.