Season recap

Fall 2017


2017 Egypt Youth Baseball League


The crack of bat on ball. The cheers of encouragement. The joyful laughter. 

On weekend mornings, these were the sounds coming from the fields of play – soccer pitches that had been transformed into baseball fields.

Over the course of six weeks, for hours on end these fields were filled with young Egyptians learning, playing and loving the game of baseball. 

Each session consisted of a training session – in which parents were invited to participate – followed by a youth-only game. 120 kids from all over Cairo arrived weekly, eager to learn and build on their growing understanding of this exciting sport. They trained and competed with focus, determination and delight.

Their talent was impressive, their joy moreso.

The sky is the limit for Egypt’s young players.

“The training was so successful not only because the kids learnt and showed an amazing amount of enthusiasm for the game, but also their parents got in on the fun too.”

— Basma El-Baz, "Bringing Baseball to the Land of the Pharoahs,"Huffington Post