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Baseball's Egyptian History

In 1889 the Chicago White Stockings and the All-Americas (a collection of National League players) embarked on a goodwill world tour to share America’s pastime across the globe. The signature stop was Egypt, where the players explored the ancient civilization and played an exhibition game in the shadow of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau. They visited with leaders and citizens, building bridges across cultures where few had existed before. The Chicago White Sox would return with the New York Giants to a warm Cairo welcome in 1914, but thanks to a changing geopolitical landscape, including two world wars, this would be the last time two teams would visit.

Yet as mesmerized as the locals were by the beautiful new game, there was something familiar about it.  In fact, the historical record (from tombs and temples in the south of Egypt) indicate that baseball may have a precursor in ancient times—reliefs show pharaohs holding what appear to be bats and balls. 

Indeed, baseball holds a mythical position in Egypt’s history and in the collective Egyptian imagination. Today, Because Baseball is honored to be writing the next chapter of this historical narrative. Together, our team of Egyptians and Americans are bringing baseball back to the people of Egypt.