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Why Baseball?


Turn on the television, tune in to the radio, or open up your web browser and you’ll find a seemingly endless stream of accounts detailing division and conflict across the globe.  The East-West divide can appear particularly toxic. The cynic in us might despair that the current storyline of our world is problem-centric.  But what if we could influence that narrative, changing it into one of understanding and unity – one that offers the hope of a solution.

Because Baseball was founded to write the next chapter – to build bridges among families, communities, and cultures; baseball is our vehicle to do so.  Beginning in Egypt, children (and even their parents) are learning and playing the game, finding shared purpose and common humanity on and off the playing field. 

Because Baseball invites you to join our team as we write the next chapter of this exciting story.


Because Baseball


Kemp Gouldin

Write the next chapter of baseball's, indeed the world's story. 

Write the next chapter of baseball's, indeed the world's story.