Season recap

Spring 2017


First Pitch: Cairo Spring Training and Exhibition


During April 2017 when the sport's season was just getting underway in the United States, baseball arrived in Cairo, Egypt.  With palpable anticipation 40 Egyptian boys and girls (aged 8-12) as well as their parents took the field in a historic moment for the nation of Egypt and the sport of baseball. 

Coached by a dedicated team of Egyptians and Americans, these pioneering athletes learned to hit, catch, and throw.  They also learned to run the bases and even participated in some light scrimmaging.


Over the course of Because Baseball's 2-week Cairo Spring Training and Exhibition, the children and parents displayed a natural aptitude for the game. The pure joy of sport was palpable throughout the training sessions with laughter often drowning out the sound of rawhide on leather and aluminum.

The event was a resounding success setting the stage for the upcoming fall 2017 season when six teams will square off in the inaugural Because Baseball Cairo Youth League, again making history.

“The training was so successful not only because the kids learnt and showed an amazing amount of enthusiasm for the game, but also their parents got in on the fun too.”

— Basma El-Baz, "Bringing Baseball to the Land of the Pharoahs,"Huffington Post


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